Best Poem of m.karriem saleem

Love Her So
This day is no different,
then any other day.
All I do is think of her.
We r apart.
N my heart,
time nor space will halt the memories of her.
Love Her So...
At times it soothes my heart.
Love Her So...
At times it creates a storm with n me.
I wonder if she thinks of me!
Do she miss . . .
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Oral Passion
I adore the landscape of your beautiful body,
as it is spread out b 4 me.
I'm nestled b'tween your thighs,
my nose tickles from your nest of curls.
Your wetness greets me,
your femnine liquid is sweat 2 my taste buds.
My tongue finds the warmth of your womanhood.
Your fragrance d'lite my nostrils.
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