Best Poem of M. Schaefer

Baby Ben
You konw,
In many ways
you are the boss of this room
moreso than any dresser, desk,
bed or lamp.
You dominate my schedule
more than my datebook's or
calender's mournful efforts.
You sit across the room
staring green-eyed at me.
I, hands behind my head, stare back.
A minute later, like . . .
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[suppose You Got Up... ]
suppos you got up,
walked out of the room,
aroudn the corner of the
hall, and ran smack-dab
face-first into Jesus H.
Christ himself.

To be honest and fair,
he doesn't look anything
like in that picure you
had over your bed as a kid.
The one where was
helping the scared . . .
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