Best Poem of c.a. sherman

Fairy's Last Dance
Snowflakes danced in blinding darkness
at they were fondled by the gale
then caressed the trees like fingertips
learning unfamiliar braille.

A lonely Fey stood at the portal
and yearned to ride the storm
but turned in solace to the fire
in her desperate venture to be warm.

She stared into . . .
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The Satin Gypsy
Below the celestial glimmer, in the shadow of the moon;
Dances the Satin Gypsy to a secret, wanton tune.
She twirls and dives in whispers, with her gauze she weaves a bond;
Enchanting every creature with her gold-dust laden wand.
Though few have ever seen her, less the fairies, sprites and gnomes..
Like a nomad . . .
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