Best Poem of Dora Sigerson Shorter

Rain After Drought
All night the small feet of the rain
Within the garden ran,
And gentle fingers tapped the pane
Until the dawn began.
The rill-like voices called and sung
The slanting roof beside;
'The children of the clouds have come;
Awake! awake!' they cried.
'Weep no more the drooping rose
Nor mourn the . . .
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The Sacred Fire
They lit a fire within their land that long was ashes cold,
With splendid dreams they made it glow, threw in their hearts of gold.
They saw thy slowly paling cheek and knew thy failing breath,
They bade thee live once more, Kathleen, who wert so nigh to death.
And who dare quench the sacred fire, and who dare give them . . .
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