Best Poem of B. Sven Telander

In the carcass of the circus
there lay an unburned page
appointing and anointing
another mage upon a stage.

Desperate for a respite on
trestle made of bone, a tyro
with a gyro was spinning
a begin, wrestling with the
shadows amongst the ghosts
of stone, lying like a liar
piling hidden . . .
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Omissis plerique inter infinitum oceanum nigrum piscinam,
ubi numinous armis tenere telas stellas,
et cosmicam billiard ludos psallebat per multiformia
agentibus et invisibilium spectrums,
pulsar quasar lebetas et habitationi ignis
threading acus cum caelesti quantum
torque et cogitatione; per electus . . .
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