Best Poem of G. Bryan Bernhardt

'An Unlikely Laureate'
My poetry's quite personal, it comes straight from my heart,
But who will listen to it? , I don't know where to start.
Oh, wait, I found an audience, right here in front of me,
And you seem like a captive one, did you get in for free?
Reguardless, I'll astound you, my prose are quite profound,
Still yet I get . . .
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'The Voice Of Alcohol'
Alcohol, it has a voice,
It lodges in your brain,
And once you listen to it,
You'll never be the same.

At first it's just a whisper,
The words are hard to hear,
But they become more audiable,
The message is of cheer.

A charasmatic ditty,
A lilt of devilish tone,
A drink . . .
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