Best Poem of zac thinker

Lust And Lies
My body shakes,
But my minds awake,
Its a clearity of thought, that was lost,
But now i can see what you did to me,
You didnt notice what she said to me,
It was a lie,
If ever one was told so beutifuly,

We all say the things we wish we could hear,
Those sweet things she would wisper in . . .
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We Two Together
We lay here on this bed,
In this place we strive to mend,
Things that had broken or had  gone astray,
So we can stay this way for another day,

Its not as easy as we make it seem,
Those jelouse eyes how we make them scream,  
The way we kiss, touch, laugh, the way our eyes must beam,
No its not e . . .
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