Best Poem of zac thinker

Land Of Lost Loves
Back to verona if i could,
Back to verona if i knew she would,
Not be sad, sob, and try to keep me from saying goodbye,

Back to verona,
Like the first time,
Two halfs of a spirit,
The worse one mine,

Back to verona where the story cut short,
Back to verona where two paths crossed . . .
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Lust And Lies
My body shakes,
But my minds awake,
Its a clearity of thought, that was lost,
But now i can see what you did to me,
You didnt notice what she said to me,
It was a lie,
If ever one was told so beutifuly,

We all say the things we wish we could hear,
Those sweet things she would wisper in . . .
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