Best Poem of R. C. Welford

To Dream
What is a man to do if his dreams are at war?
If that which he loves, will kill that which he adores?
He cannot choose, for fear of losing the lot,
So he must wait, and break his heart for the shot,
To keep one or other, and to save not his head,
But the space behind his chest. to burn his bed,
Or his . . .
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To Sleep
My sleep evades me now, it claws at the corners,
Of my vision; seeps slowly into the mind's eye.
I fear, you see, that my sleep is not mine,
To keep; that in the darkness, it has gone awry.

And not to keep me lying awake, but because,
It has better places to be. i do not want,
For the dusk to leave . . .
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