L4ur4 Wh1t3 Poems

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I'm staying I like the pain.
you look at me like I'm insane.
it's the strength Iv gain
the time i put in
the passion i have
my name is on the paper
sayin I'm not backin down
even when it sounds to hard to be around
I do my best when the best that i give isnt enough
i do more till i have no more . . .
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The Path That Is Given
Everybody want's to go to heaven.
But no one want's to die.
I'm not afraid to die
cause I'm going to heaven
It was a choice.
If i wanted it or not.
I was smart I will live more happy
and shin so bright now that i got Jesus by my side
anything is possible now that i got him as my guide. . . .
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