A Voice in the Wilderness Poems

A Voice in the Wilderness Poems

1Audrey Hepburn
2Oooooh Bananas!

Best Poem of A Voice in the Wilderness

Oooooh Bananas!
Oh Bananas,
From the Bahamas,
Harvested from the fields of the farmers,
Alexander the Great brought it to the west,
After having a tatoo of it on his chest,
Eat it with sugar or cream,
Did i heard someone scream?
Now where did i put that banana peel, . . .
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Variation everywhere,
What colour is your hair?
Red, black or gray?
Just say,

What kind of ear lobe do you have?
A free lobe or an attached lobe,
either which is quiet bad,

Hitchhiker's thumb, thats what i have,
No, its not that bad,
well, maybe abit sad,
Cosidering i . . .
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