J K Williams Poems

J K Williams Poems

1Fake Smiles
2Fake Smiles 2

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Fake Smiles
Sadness, anguish, heartache and grief

Irritation, suffocation, exasperation

Struggles, strains and disbelief

All Behind fake smiles.

Dispiritedness, sorrow, doubt and fear

Depression, suppression, aggression

Tearfulness, troubled, doleful and drear

All behind . . .
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Fake Smiles 2
Everywhere I turn I see fake smiles,

Sorrow, despair and fear

As I look into the mirror

A face unrecognisable

Strained, tired and lost

When will this all end?

When will the fake smiles go?

As I weep upon my pillow

I pray to god

I speak . . .
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