D.L. Witzel Poems

D.L. Witzel Poems

1Fairly Stupid Poem
2The Ravin'

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Fairly Stupid Poem
The stars winked out as I went out
Hey stars, was it something I said?
Or is it a massive cataclysmic occurrence
Occurring to make us all dead?
Well now, that would be a shame it would
With so many sleeping in bed!

I ran to wake the whole town up
Before everybody was dead.
I didn't want them . . .
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The Ravin'
I love Edgar Allen Poe,
But Poe doesn't love me.
You must suggest it's 'cause he's dead,
But I think it's Annabelle Lee.

Oh, sure, he said that she was a child...
Twelve going on 33!
Just how was their love even more than love
In their 'kingdom by the sea? '

And the dope blamed the . . .
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