Udita Bhattacharjee Poems

Udita Bhattacharjee Poems

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Best Poem of Udita Bhattacharjee

I see your face and there’s no remorse
You are openly flaunting a new one
Forgetful of the hurt that u caused me
Guiltless of the act that broke me

I smile and tell myself
This is the man thy loved
Swore promises, gave in to his every whim
Broke my oath and gave in to the original sin

But t . . .
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Given a chance, I will
Run away…
But can I ever leave myself?
My thoughts mould me
My motives take shape
And I react.
Inconsequential transactions galore
Continuously crossing my path
Causing fatigue and stress
Yet indulging in it all.
The more I stay, I suffer
Pain becomes u . . .
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