Padma Rajaoui Poems

Padma Rajaoui Poems

1A New Bedtime Story
2Aunt Millie

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A New Bedtime Story
Once upon a time there was a beautiful little sheep
who wouldn’t go to sleep. Her name was Ewe.
She cried there was a pea under her mattress,
but there was no pea,
for really it was a wolf
who was wearing Grandma’s pajamas.

The wolf was full from having eaten the little boy
who cried “Wolf! ” all day.
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Aunt Millie
Aunt Millie pinned her white hair
back with coral combs,
her bird-claw fingers grasping
at curtain fringe and lampshades,
at leather books and porcelain.

She tried to feel her way back
from the ruins of her mind,
reading her house like braille,
searching familiar trails.

She saw . . .
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