R.Vijayaraghavan Ramakumar Poems

R.Vijayaraghavan Ramakumar Poems

2Towards The End Of The Season

Best Poem of R.Vijayaraghavan Ramakumar

The eyes

The eyes of that man
Look so dreadful

Like the fear under the shadow
Of an evaporating planet
Witnessing it sublimate
In to the eternity
And stare at it in utter disbelief?

Why, why the eyes
Of that man
Look so dreadful?

Like the shadow of . . .
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Towards The End Of The Season
Towards the close of sharada
wool clouds filled the blue sky.
Passing, they threw upon this mortal
an interpretation of nebulous dreams.

You pick up the bamboo
someone has discarded
make holes, pour deep breath in.
The soul has waited for it,
to pickup songs that wandered across
the open . . .
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