Haardik Ravat Poems

Haardik Ravat Poems

1Mahatma Gandhi
2My Poem

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My Poem
This poem I am writing in my way
And it has much to say
This poem is sure to be admired
As I was writing a soldier fired

I run and screamed and and shouted and flee
And at my back my little brother happily glee
I run and chased him to the farming hay
But he ran away and I have nothing to say
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Mahatma Gandhi
He walked away with a face calm
For you and i he did no harm
He remained kind and no more narration
Yes, He was, He was truly the father of our nation.

For everyone he was generous and kind
He encouraged the people and make them bind
For peace he paid full attention
Yes, He was the father of our . . .
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