Vaibhav Rawat Poems

Best Poem of Vaibhav Rawat

I’m Lost
Deep inside the forest, its too dark,
Its no light here, there is no way to enlightenment..
I found myself lost.
Neither I can go forward,
nor I will come back from here.
What i am doing is just waiting for sunrise,
to know whether it is east or west,
coz... i m lost.
I m lost in . . .
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You'Re Still Here
Yeah, its true....
U r still here, in my heart, in my nerves.
Often, we don't talk to each other,
but its your feel I feel every moment.
Yes...u r still deep here in my heart, in my nerves.

I don't ever tried to win you,
but, never wished to lose you.
Still, these heart beats stop for those . . .
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