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Why You Had To Hurt Me.
Why you had to hurt me I do not know…I thought you loved me but you don’t…I think you used me from what I hear…I don’t dare to ask…I could never take the pain of what is real…I wish I never did what I wanted to do….now that it is done there is no where to go…it goes through my mind unconditionally…scars I have from the pain you gave…inside and out will always b . . .
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To My Grandfather Who Pasted Away.
Why did you have to go and leave me all alone.
For noone to care and no one show.
For noone to teach me what I need know.
For I was the heart and you were my beat.
Why did that evil demon have to remove you from your seat.
From way up there you can watch down me.
To make sure I have future possibilities.
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