Best Poem of Two Birds

I Never Wrote Any Poem
You blinked your eyes
A tide of title is seen

Swaying away from me
Waves of words rising along the tide

Turned back, smiled on your lips
I wrote the first line

You wore a dress for me
I could shape the poem’s body

Whispered my name in your heart
Poem is fallen at your f . . .
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'Dil se Kya Dar na' Ajnabhi Thodi Hai?
Phoolom se Kyoun mayusi ho? , ddoo din ki mehaman tho hai..
Intijaar se kya umid hai? vasoolonki tavahif hai..
Eis Dimak ki khel me, Dil tho ek hifazat hai...
'Dil se Kya Dar na.. Ajnabhi.....' . . .
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