Best Poem of Pijush Biswas

Prashno [question]
God, thou hast sent messengers again and again
in age to ages
to the pitiless world- -
They, went saying 'Forgive all', went saying 'Love-
Kill the envious poison inside'.
They are honourable, they are memorable, yet
today, this bad day I have sent back them in unconquered salutation
at out-door.

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Fair Love
Remember, the hope is yet unburnt.
Fair Love, more it could thrive or utterly die
Although it's soul tumbling high and low.
Swear! I love not the lie
Or never want I to hunt
Your pain, either you cast me or allow.

I love you because I love myself,
Because, 'tis you with whom I seek myself in . . .
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