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Zachary Crouch Poems

1Momma Said...
2My Name Is Kevin

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My Name Is Kevin
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm writing this for every doubt you may have ever had,

and all the times growing up, that I ever made you mad or sad,

I just want to let you know, I ran into God last year,

Around the time I was drowning in my own fear,

I was in Atlantic City one night, there was . . .
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Momma Said...
Son, I don't wanna see you go bad,

I don't wanna see you mess up and end up like your dad,

I see the sorrow in your heart, your in a sea of pain,

Just make a new start, cause you have so much to gain,

Please stay away from drugs and watch out for booze,

Don't end up like those . . .
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