Best Poem of Xavier Paolo Ledesma Mandreza

Verse - 27
Who would ever Think,
That a Creature so Bomastous as a
Coconut would ever rocket Sky-High?

With Pounding Controls,
Tapping furiously to Keep one's Pet survive
From Mario's Simple yet Sadistic Maze?

Taking Hours to Finish,
Making a Small World of Heaven
Seem like a Whole Lot of . . .
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Sonnet - 33
Since upon Night's End I haggled the Thief
And dug Old Emotion a fresher deal
As I earned a Pound's Fine for my Relief
Whose Vermin sought my Gold in-debt my Seal
Which its Paste by supposed to pound in-check
And have one's Posts on Events we re-make
Upon this Print book where our Word's Prime met
Stuck . . .
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