R.M. Spears Poems

R.M. Spears Poems

1A Vision
3I Am

Best Poem of R.M. Spears

The unheard voices,
of all your hurt and pain,
Makes life hard to wake up,
and do it all again.

The tears of anguish,
the fire burning inside.
Betrayed yet again,
all you can do is hide.

Can't trust the words you say.
or bare to see your face.
The bruises you left behind . . .
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A fall day has passed,
as Winter now sets in.
A time for holidays and family,
where do i begin.

The warmness of the family,
the joyful memories ensue.
The memories of lost loved ones,
who didn’t make it through.

The turkeys on the table,
watching football on tv.
Giving t . . .
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