Best Poem of E C Esquire

Sonnet Xxxviii
My thoughts ascending the hie house of fame,
Found in records of vertuous monuments
A map of honours in a noble frame,
Shining in spight of deaths oft banishments:
A thousand colours Loue sate suted in,
Guarded with honour and immortall time,
Lust led with enuie, feare, and deadly sin,
Opposde against . . .
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Sonnet Iii
Why doe I pleade for mercie vnto thee,
When from offence my life & soule are cleere?
For in my heart I neere offended thee,
Vnlesse the hie pitch of his flight it were.
I that is it, I to too well consider,
Thy sparkling beautie is the sunne that melted:
My thoughts the waxe that ioyn'd his wings together,
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