Best Poem of E.J. Langley

It Could Be Worse
The cold bite in the air is a grim reminder that I'm here and not there.
With a heavy heart I'm here, back here. Back to my life and not there.

'It could always be worse' they say.
(It could be colder for instance.)

But couldn't it always be colder?
Couldn't it always be worse?

There is no . . .
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'I'm Sorry'
I remind myself that I've already done the hardest thing.
That I can't share my peace with those of whom my sickness has tarnished
is in part the cost.
I must bare this and remember who and what I was.
I've already done the hardest thing and now I must live with it.
'I'm Sorry' falls on deaf ears to those who don't . . .
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