S.N. Surajbhan Poems

Best Poem of S.N. Surajbhan

A Mistake
I was back home with my hand bag
Hitting my knees, and my pet dog just
Barking at someone;
I guess it was me.
With my wife scolding the dog
With nothing wrong,
I just sat on the sofa and my head on top of it,
And my mouth slight open.
When going to the bathroom to clean the
Dust in my foot . . .
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In The Nature's Side
When my eyes were in distress,
When I was struggling with times of failure
Nature showered ray of light on me.
Standing alone on the snow covered floor
I felt as if I lay on its lap;
The breezy wind awakened me,
Gave vitality to my defunct and dull mind.
The roaming clouds, chirping of birds,
I . . .
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