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Sotweed Redivivus
THE Author finding all Attempts prove vain,
Those glittering Smiles from Fortune to obtain:
That purblind Goddess on the Fool bestows;
His tow'ring Grandeur to her Bounty owes;
Rather than on base Terms, the Point dispute,
To the Pierian Songsters makes his Suit,
In . . .
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The Sotweed Factor (3)
Condemn'd by Fate to way-ward Curse,
Of Friends unkind, and empty Purse:
Plagues worse than fill'd Pandora's Box,
I took my leave of Albion's Rocks:
With heavy heart, concern'd that I
Was forc'd my Native soil to fly.
And the Old World must bid good-buy.
But Heav'n ordain'd it should be so.
And to . . .
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