Best Poem of Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

You Got Me Cold
Yes, my reasonability I've lost
When trying to reason this inaccessibility
When I could not phantom your unavailability
Chai, chai, I'm left stranded in this 'lone
Suddenly, I'm feeling all alone

I didn't know you had eaten this deep into me
What was I thinking, what happened to me
Am I . . .
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Howbeit You I Make My Wish
How will everyone say a birthday wish without me
How could the rain fall from all but from me
Has my mouth been tied with a beam
Hadn't it been along a stream
Where free flowing words rain in a ream
I shall say as I say happy birthday

Isn't it to a hero well loved?
Isn't it to a crown that a beauty . . .
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