Fabricks Arrey Poems

Best Poem of Fabricks Arrey

'Your Smile'
Your smile is the best gift of life.
So before u assume, learn.
Before u talk think.
Before you judge understand.
Learn to say thanks.
Learn to fall and and stand.

I didn't fall inlove with your beauty.
Neither for your butty.
I fell for your smile.
That is why I will take you to the . . .
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'Hold On! ! '
Pray with me while u drown.
No one is a clown.
Life is a missery of pain.
But choice is a decision of change.
We all deserve a chance.
To fight our rights of time.

Let's walk through it.
Through the distance of might.
U dieing slowly.
Slowly like a tortoise in a valley.
Your valley of . . .
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