Best Poem of M A Uzefa Rashida

Hear My Prayers My Lord
Hear my prayers my lord
O My Creator! Bless me,
Give endurance to my patience.
O Almighty! Bless me,
Give me strength to be faithful.
Give me might enough to stand bold,
For you know the best,
And I know not it,
What holds good for me
And what holds not.
Take me . . .
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Make Life Peaceful
Stop once, stop again
Think twice, think for a while
What are we doing with our life
Are we living it worthwhile?

Whom to blame, all are same!
Leading a life full of shame
No love, no affection, no faith, no perfection
No morals, no values, our life just a game

Cries of agony, tears of . . .
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