Best Poem of W.F.D. BLCK

When Love Persists
Love, like in a poet's dream.
Love, touched by all of nature's wonder.
Love, brighter than moonlight on a river's gleam.
Love, that beats with fire and the thunder.
Love, unspeakable power rumbling beneath the sea.
Love, strong and durable denies certain death.
Love, will capture the Queen, A Knight on one . . .
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White Beauty
I see the view like ocean white.
Truthful force and elegance within the waves.
I am thinking a sky's edge places a beauty's height.
Long golden mane of curls with all it's praise.
Her eyes of blue fire that summon the beast.
Lips wet on the air for her acquired taste.
Skin so soft, a flower's petals blooming in . . .
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