Best Poem of C.K. BiTe

Mother's Day
Mom you're love, Mom you're life
Mom you prepared me for the strife
You held me up so I could walk
Till I slept, my cradle you'd rock
Mom you taught me how to talk
Told me to think of my haters as gawk
And not to take criticism to heart
Think of their arrows as a mere dart
Taught me to think of . . .
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Plight Of A Cancer Patient
My life is leaving me bit by bit
With cancer I have been hit
Chemotherapy was done but to no avail
I wish my life was as good as a fairy tale
I came to know about it at the last stage
My life's now shattered and I'm filled with rage
My whole body aches with pain
On the hospital bed I've been lain
My . . .
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