Xiaoyuan Yin Poems

Xiaoyuan Yin Poems

132-Bit Color Depth
2A Neighborhood Of M's And N's, In The Periodic Table
3A Post-Producer, And Hawthorn-Addict
4Alleles:Divinity And The Id
6Alternating Current, Either Turbulent Or Serene
7Armchairs? Crinoline Dresses? This Is Called Art Photography
8Bee Venom, The Thor Among Medicines
9Blood Serum,-37°c
10Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours)
11Carbon-14, The Unyielding Drifters
12Centripetal Force
13Circatidal Rhythmus
14Coastal Erosion
15Communication Behaviors
16Conjugated Effect
17Conservation Of Momentum,A Breakeven Tragicomedy
18Family Feud, Or Coevolution
19Forced Perspective
20Generation-Skipping Traits
21La Particule De Dieu, Ou Une Cuillère D'éléments Inconnus
22Louis Pasteur And Dextrotartaric Acid,1848
23Monascus Red, Rose Laevigae Micchx Brown
24Overture (Prelude) : Ode To Prime Numbers(Excerpted From 'nephoreticulum')
25Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School
26Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(1)
27Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(2)
28Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(3)
29Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(4)
30Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(5)
31Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(6)
32Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(7)
33Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(8)
34Poems In French By Encyclopedic Poetry School(9)
35Quantum Walk
36Radial Photography, Human-Centered
37Rembrandt Lighting Or Butterfly Lighting
38Schwann Cells
39Stuck In Moments, Macro Photography
40The God Particle,Or A Teaspoon Of Unknown Elements
41The Group 0 Elements
42The Mask And The Meniscus
43The Origin Of Species
44The Pineal Body - The 3rd Eye, Degenerated
45To Kill A Process
46Two Days And Two Nights Of Melezitose
47Type Ab
48Wave-Particle Duality For Existence
49Whirlpools Within Low Key Shots

Best Poem of Xiaoyuan Yin

Stuck In Moments, Macro Photography
Stuck in Moments, Macro Photography
By Xiaoyuan Yin

The indefinable elapse of time consists of numberless single threads of logics:
Vivid blue of multi-petals, flickers rising from sepals……
Within an interval between breaths, nonlinear evolvements have started in the shadow

(A message to you from cel . . .
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A Post-Producer, And Hawthorn-Addict
(C11, M54, Y89, K0) : the daintily-mellowed tints of a glorious sunset
Glides along his vernier of Color Depths

C——a positive value indicates: African blue basil; and a negative one - tulips bulbs
M——positive- saffron flowers; negative- red cedar wood
Y——positive- curry powder; negative- lavender
K——positive- black cardamoms . . .
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