Best Poem of Haala Marikar

A Letter To My Future Self
Dearest me of 2025, maybe,
Or perhaps I shouldn't have addressed you as 'me'?
We are distant, I know; myself and you,
We are no longer one, but two.

In fact, that is why I am writing to you,
To remind you of all we held true,
To have a little of my childhood self remain-
I do not want our . . .
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The Black And The White
Black and white.
A juxtaposition.
A swan in flight,
A nesting raven.

Lightning flashing, thunder rolling,
Symbiotic, in the skies,
Realization of equality calling
For peace we ignore; why?

Starving masses reaching out,
All we give are passing sympathies,
Parched lands . . .
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