Wake Up Poems

Wake Up Poems

1A Nothing Man I Am
2All Relationships Are A Bike Ride
3America's Finest Poet
4At Least Krapistan Has Great Food!
5Bring Lotsa Band-Aids! (Relationships)
6Burn My Flesh, Kill The Obstacle
7Carry On Or Carrion?
8Clothing Optional
9Could You Find A Nicer Way To Bother Me?
10Diy, How-To 'get-The-Drop' On Everybody
11Every Drop Of Poetry~ Of God!
12God's River Is Rushing, Open The Gates!
13Her Creative Incubator
14I Breathe Therefore I'm Happy
15I Fell Out Of A Tree! It's True! ! What A Zoo! ! !
16I'd Like To Wake Up Somewhere With You...
17Impulsive And Irrepressible- Perfect!
19Let Us Go Crazy, Now, Why Wait?
20Let's Burn Like The 4th Of July
21Let's Plug In And Make Electricity
22Life Has No Opposite And The God Magnet
23Love Is My Only Channel
24May I Rub Your Feet And Feed You Cheetos?
25My Sparkler, My Firecracker, My Bomb
26Non Thinkingness, Possible?
27Ode To The Zucchini (Photo Provided)
28People With Clean Desks
29Poetic Form, Not The Norm
30Poetry Or Poetry With Face
31Rich Folks In Heaven- Lol! ~repent-Share All! ! !
32Rigged Gambling= Us Presidential Elections
33Share Your Poetrygasm With The World-We Love It
34Sumerian Phoenician Or Summer Phun- Pun! Run!
35Summer Fun And Bums Everywhere
36The Blue And Red Party= Purple Party
37The Mind Does Not Understand Not
38The Obligatory Hug
39The Other Side Of The Family...
40The Rest Of My Life In Pencil
41The Rich Folk At The Lodge Halfway To The Mountain Top
42Today I Saw Jesus Selling Fresh Fruit Cups
43Toothucking Hot At Timesth
44Wake Up When You Die!
45What If Everybody Sent 100 Love Notes Out?
46What If Love Were Felt Everywhere! ? !
47What's Not To Love About A Woman's...
48Who Experiences God?
49Your Dirty Heart

Best Poem of Wake Up

Who Experiences God?
All potential above
all elements under our feet...

heavenly father
earthly mother

we come together
as thy children

the children of god

from father emanates thought,
mom throws in the ingredients
and we are the creative
the fruition of love
from . . .
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Bring Lotsa Band-Aids! (Relationships)
Do you want to get on the fast track?
RELATIONSHIP is the racecar, spelled backwards

bring band-aids and hemp oil to promote fast healing

steep hills, deep valleys
heavy breathing, hyper ventilation,
the swirl of oneness and the
bruises of separateness
lack of oxygen
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