Ori Golan Poems

Ori Golan Poems

1A Walk Along A Cliff
2Always Me

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A Walk Along A Cliff
A walk along a cliff
That was your life
Life on the edge

A walk along a cliff
A jog into the abyss
That was your destiny.

A life of twists and turns
That spun out of control.
Be safe, we prayed
Be careful
And you kept jogging
On the edge of the cliff.

A walk . . .
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Always Me
I am sometimes a stone
that's been carved out of rock:
So unyielding, so proud and secure.
I'm the trumpet and drum -
and a blessing to some.
but at times I'm the curse
and the cure.

I am an outcast bird
in perpetual flight,
never knowing to where I am bound.
I'm a word in your . . .
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