Best Poem of Nabeel Ahmed

Chip Chick Chin Chont
In the melodious chirping of birds,
I heard a music- O Lord!
They wanted to show  me a wonderful gift,
Which never prevailed in my thoughts.
I asked them- what did they want?
They told- chip chick chin chont.

Understanding their language was beyond my thoughts,
Yes, you are right, I m only a . . .
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Even The Alphabets End With 'z'
Sun was gone, moonlight was on
While placing a glass of wine on table,
My ears heard 'TingTong.'

O Lord! ! My door was then knocked..
I stood up to open it; as i was sitting for-'so long'.

A gentleman was standing on the doorstep,
With small hairs on head;
And a grace on face, his lips . . .
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