M. Jennifer Axder Poems

M. Jennifer Axder Poems

1Broken Soul!

Best Poem of M. Jennifer Axder

Madness they call me when i'm nice.
afraid of my of my stare they run at sight
unwilling to be the ones paying the price
i'm born ferocious and i am self made.
crossing me will be your very first mistake
i take no pleasure in giving you pain
but you messed with the wrong woman
So now you play the game
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Broken Soul!
Born into the world, cold.
Searching for the memories of my soul!

Mortified by the idea of time!
Chained by the laws of old.

Struggling to survive i fight,
Humans, creatures, everything in sight!

Magic no longer in use.
Broken machines looking for fuse!

Memories no one . . .
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