Zachary Edmond Lockhart Poems

Zachary Edmond Lockhart Poems

1Discordant Melody
2For Now, I Am Winter

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For Now, I Am Winter
After the last drops of rain, a silence emerges,
spreading as a crescendo of grey melancholy.

I open the window, light a cigarette,
feeling the cool night air run its fingers through my hair.

In the street below, leaves fall and scatter,
they look like people from up here.

I lift my . . .
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Discordant Melody
Between sitting idle for years,
moving from one home to another;
strings have strayed, keys have stuck,
the music stand hangs by just one hinge.

But the body still sings,
its song yet dependent
on hands to touch it,
on some temporal refrain
to resonate within.

The greater the . . .
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