Genova Maaa my mother Poems

Genova Maaa my mother Poems

1A Transfigured Universe, Radiant With Light Divine.
2About The Fire Of Love
3Absolute Which Binds The Universe With Love (Dante) .
4Absorbed In This New Blissful Act Of Vision
5Aesthetic Suggestion And Musical Rhythm
6Along With The Mystical Awakening
7Apprehension Of The Heart
8Apprehension Of The Reality
9Beauty Is Simply, The Reality Seen With The Eyes Of Love.
10Becoming - Alive In Every Fibre.
11Being Not Doing Is The First Aim Of The Mystic.
12Change In The Quality Of The Consiousness Of Mystics.
13Clear Onward Sweep Of Becoming
14Come, Come, Come. I Long For You.
15Consiousness Of The Absolute
16Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 1
17Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 2 -
18Detachment Is An Inner Reality.
19Ecstasy And The Apprehension Of The Real.
20Ecstasy- Inebriation Of The Infinite.
21Ecstatic Apprehension.
22Eternal Beauty Waits For You.
23Fill Your Heart With Goodness.
24Give Me Lord Your Healing Grace.
25Giving Is Holier Than Receiving.
26God Is At The Centre Of The Universe.
27God Is Nearer To Us Than Our Own Soul.
28God Plays A Blest Game Of Love With The Soul
29He Is The Lover Whom My Soul Loves
30I Entered Into The Secret Closet Of My Soul (Mystical Experience Of St. Augustine)
31In Illumination The Individuality Of The Subject Remains Separate And In Tact.
32In The Light Of Ardent Love
33In The Transcendent Act Of Union
34Intense And Innocent Joy In Natural Things
35Johannes Tauler's Thoughts
36Let The Heart Be Touched
37Like The Homing Instinct Of Birds
38Lust Fatigues The Soul
39Marvelous And Superabundant Goodness
40Meditating I Sat On This Shore
41My Soul Left Me Without My Permission
42My Vocation As A Poet
43Mysterious Mystic Illumination
44Nature Mysticism (Dancing With The Sun)
45No Progress Without Pain
46O My Heart, Whence Comes This Love
47Our Soul Is Kindly Rooted In God, In Endless Love.
48Outgoing Movement Towards A Divine Light,
49Penetrating Into The Divinity Hidden Within
50Piercing Through The Labyrinth Of Branches

Best Poem of Genova Maaa my mother

The Wound Of Divine Love.
The self awakes to that which is within,
rather than to that which is without,
to the immanent and to the personal.

Those who look in receive
the wound of divine love.

It rends apart the hard
tissues of I-hood and
its inevitable setting
in relief of their own
poor finite . . .
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With His Stripes We Are Healed.
His visage and his form was
so marred more than any man.

He hath no form nor comeliness;
and when we shall see him,
there is no beauty
that we should desire him.

To whom are the secrets of the Lord revealed.?

The kings kept thier mouth shut
as Jesus was beaten and killed.
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