Genova Maaa my mother Poems

Genova Maaa my mother Poems

1A Continuing Dialectic.
2A Deliberate Fostering Of The Inward Tendency Of The Soul
3A Genuine Aesthetic Experience Is A Superrational Intuition.
4A Mystic Hears The ‚invitation Of Love‘..‚come Home‘.
5A Mystic Is A Religious Artist
6A Mystic Poet Is Transcended By His Work.
7A Really Deeply Human Process
8A Transfigured Universe, Radiant With Light Divine.
9Abolishing The Primitive Consciousness
10About The Fire Of Love
11Absolute Which Binds The Universe With Love (Dante) .
12Absorbed In This New Blissful Act Of Vision
13Aesthetic Suggestion And Musical Rhythm
14After An Act Of Utter Surrender
15Against The Pseudo Cities Of Steel, Cement And Noise
16Aldous Huxley Writes:
17All That He Has, All That He Is, He Gives....
18Along With The Mystical Awakening
19An Abandonment Of Trivial And Egoitical Quest.
20An Instinct For Transcendental Reality
21An Invulnerable Serenity.
22Apprehend The Highest And Most Perfect Truth
23Apprehension Of The Heart
24Apprehension Of The Reality
25As A Drop Of Water, Drowned In A Great Quantity Of Wine.
26Assuming Full Responsibilty For Our World And Our Lives
27Beauty Is Simply, The Reality Seen With The Eyes Of Love.
28Becoming - Alive In Every Fibre.
29Being Is Becoming.
30Being Not Doing Is The First Aim Of The Mystic.
31Catch The Mystics Unwares, Singing Beautiful Songs Of Love.
32Change In The Quality Of The Consiousness Of Mystics.
33Clear Onward Sweep Of Becoming
34Come, Come, Come. I Long For You.
35Consiousness Of The Absolute
36Constant Intuition And Supreme Desire
37Dante Sees The Whole Universe Laugh With Delight As It Glorifies God
38Deification Influences Philosophy.
39Deification‘ Is A Metaphor
40Deifying Of Man Is A Necessary Corollary Of The Incarnation.
41Delicate Descriptions Of The Unitive State As Self-Loss
42Delicate Playfulness, Instead Of The Morose Resignation.
43Depending On The Intensity Of Love And Will
44Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 1
45Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 2 -
46Desert, Solitude And Mystical Poetry
47Detachment Is An Inner Reality.
48Ecstasy And The Apprehension Of The Real.
49Ecstasy- Inebriation Of The Infinite.
50Ecstatic Apprehension.

Best Poem of Genova Maaa my mother

Growing In The Consciousness Of The Absolute
The mystic grows in the awakening
of the consciousness of the Absolute
and in this process,
conversion occurs naturally
and love grows
which gives depth
and actuality to life.

The purification that goes with it
is closely related to
the mortifications of the ascetic. . . .
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Our Own Will Is Our Separation From God.
Nothing has separated us from God
but our will, or rather our own will
is our separation from God.

All the disorder and corruption and malady
of our nature lies in a certain fixedness
of our own will, imagination and desire
wherein we live to ourselves.

They become our own centre
and . . .
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