Best Poem of Vaibhav Simha

The Confusion Of Love
Oh God! Answer me, should I mourn for my lost love and rove,
Or should I forget and continue so I can find another perfect dove?
Let alone her beauty, let alone her grace;
But should love with the heavens-challenging pace.
True to the eye, let her beauty stay not ‘only' on the face, but in the heart,
And make my h . . .
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Rainbow Above The Tree!
While I was walking, nigh the deep pond
I heard and can feel the sound and touch of the watery song.
I can see the droplets scattered all over me and near me, in my sight and vast around
The dripping water produces an extravagant hopeful sound!

And behold! The sunshine's mane,
Passing through the watery . . .
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