Best Poem of Uche Nwanze

Dark Clouds
Dark clouds are gathering.
A fiendish storm is brewing.
Hanging on a cliffhanger.
Sitting on a keg of gunpowder.
The vultures are gathering.
The Sun and Moon are at loggerheads.
I see the hanging sword of Damocles.
Brothers are at daggers drawn.
Fathers are chasing away their wives.
I hear the . . .
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A Tale Of Two Worlds
What happens in your world is not what happens in mine. Looks oftentimes adorn herself in an apparel of deception.
Bruised but not crushed.
Broken but not shattered.
Down but not out.
Hurt but not weak.
Humble but not stupid.
Pierced but not wounded.
Ignorant but not clueless.
Injured but not . . .
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