Best Poem of s.zaynab kamoonpuri

For All Cheese Chums
Hmm, yum I come as a chum of cheese
fan of all edibles that're cheesy
but if you're of those who don't choose cheese
you might find this poem too cheesy.

As for me, cheeseburger or yummy cheesecake
I can never be cheesed off by any cheese
This poem therefore is for cheesesake
Serve me the cheesiest . . .
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Saints And Sinners/ Ordinary Folks
Saints like to gladden people
Sinners love to sadden people

Ordinary folks love to live
Saints live to love.

Ordinary ones take from life
Saints give to life.

Ordinary people live to eat.
Saints eat to live.

Sinners take lives
Saints save lives!

Saints love to . . .
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