Xiandara Magbanua Poems

Xiandara Magbanua Poems

1How Long Will It Takes
2My Friend

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How Long Will It Takes
How long will it takes
going north to south isles,
bargaining by land or by sails,
spending hours or days,
bringing coats or tees,
Tell me, how long will it takes?

How long will it takes,
when I take a step from here to you,
taking my hand as if a cue,
to enter your heart,
is . . .
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Did you see?
The one you've been looking for,
Whom you keep on searching
A thousand times before,
Who keeps you in waiting?
Until the clock strikes four,
Then checking who's that someone
opening the door.

Did you hear?
The noise that keeps on
interfering your ear?
That . . .
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