Ucheama Chigozie Poems

Ucheama Chigozie Poems

1Lonely Soul
2Will It Ever End?

Best Poem of Ucheama Chigozie

Lonely Soul
It staggers through life's wilderness
Like a friendship where love is a lack
none looks upon its plight or happiness
The plight of a lonely soul
can only be told by one of its own

It goes through life seeking understanding
To others he's nothing but weird
Even a harmless dove upon its landing
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Will It Ever End?
When on our heels we fall, face down our eyes seeing
The mean face of the earth upon us staring
Tears dripping pouring libations to gods unknown
That delights in the suffering of the poor souls it own

Weakness beget despondence, our weary eyes upon heaven looking
Vision blurry by the mirthless waters the . . .
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