Best Poem of D B Versehawker

The Balloon Men
(For those young suicide bombers brainwashed in the name of God and sacrificed by terrorism)
We are the balloon men,
We pop like air out rubber
Screaming God!
We do it for the membranes of 72 virgins
Of our reconstructed thoughts
There is no glory there is no reward
None in this life
Val Halla . . .
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Yesterday Was Valentine's Day
I woke up after a transcendental slumber
Sand heaps in my eye
water flowing inside my head
I don't know what day it is
I don't know what time it is
I am wondering if I am really 30 or am I still 15
Dreaming puberty dreams of impossible
But I have to grow up now
As sudden as that
Other men my age . . .
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