Ebenezer Adeyanju Poems

Ebenezer Adeyanju Poems

1A King Is Born
2I Know A Country
4Oh Nigeria

Best Poem of Ebenezer Adeyanju

A King Is Born
Oh come lets sing joyfully,
and do it continually,
lets shout out joyfully,
and do it consistently.

For a king is born,
whom from birth has his crown worn,
the saviour of the world,
and the magnifier of the word.

Oh come lets celebrate our Emmanuel,
that rode to galilee on a . . .
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I Know A Country

I know a country,
Where leaders fly to abroad for treatment,
Where leaders children school abroad,
Where leaders rule without the majority comment,
Where leaders prefare abroad to abode.

I know a country,
Where leaders rule without commitment,
Where the heads aint . . .
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