Best Poem of Qaisar Bashir Lone

O' Growing Tulip Bulbs!
O' growing tulip bulbs!
Victory is at a stone's throw
Before the blind Lotus, why do you bow?
Cannibal crown shall be eliminated soon,
Like darkness is eliminated by the fortnight moon;
And night followed by the day.
Freedom you'll achieve come what may
A few years or so it's away
Remember Faiz . . .
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Waste Land
Save Thee, the luscious cold summer days appear glum
O' the sky looks compunction!
Breeze murmurs some sad strain
Rose petals look athirst
It seems
The air has turned dry due to rainfall
The morn appears desolate,
For You are no more in the city
Oh' how arduous it's to live here!
Dejections- . . .
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