Best Poem of Qaisar Bashir Lone

I'm a gorgeous woman
And 'You' my stony lover
You love me
You bruise me, my beautiful body.
Your I never wished to be
Yet You falsely hooked me
Then disfigured me, my identity
Comely I was in my lush green robes
Golden, white, pink blossoms bloomed on it
You tore my wearings apart
You . . .
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O' Growing Tulip Bulbs!
O' growing tulip bulbs!
Victory is at a stone's throw
Before the blind Lotus, why do you bow?
Cannibal crown shall be eliminated soon,
Like darkness is eliminated by the fortnight moon;
And night followed by the day.
Freedom you'll achieve come what may
A few years or so it's away
Remember Faiz . . .
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