Best Poem of A. T Matthias

My Queen Is Finer Than Yours..! ! !
My lady is the direct opposite of beauty
Everything all men may count amiss
She is just not the crush of thousands or charity
She speaks before she even thinks.!

She is some slow in learning, truly unkempt and rough
That whenever I try to her smooch, the bulbs put off
And while others are lilies of the . . .
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A Dorra! ! !
I have found a lass
A bonnie lass
Amidst meekness and tales
Betwixt the world's beauties and fames
Where the skies are blue
And the fields are green
I have found a lily!
'common tu t'appelle? ‘If it were a being
What are you called, a flower also?
How could they all be called flowers?
Yet s . . .
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