Wallace Vickers Kaufman Poems

Wallace Vickers Kaufman Poems

1Carolina Wren
2Children Take All
3Learning To Speak

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Children Take All

Children take all. They give none.
Who are we to ask daughter or son
To give love for toy or candy bar?
Our demanding tells them what we are.
Held against breasts where they first feed
And clutched in our arms they learn to read—
The long old story of love's need. . . .
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Learning To Speak
LEARNING TO SPEAK: Chukotka 1989
(for my friends in the US0SU Expedition)

Last year when it was over,
when I took off Dimitri's parka
Valery's boots and Sergei's fur hat
that had kept me alive,
we embraced and were very sad
and looked at each other as if to say,
'If only we could speak.' . . .
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